No Bed Bug Infestation Can Withstand Our Powerful Heat Treatment

No Bed Bug Infestation Can Withstand Our Powerful Heat Treatment

Call us for effective bed bug solutions in Brick, New Jersey

Homeowners who've attempted do-it-yourself bed bug removal have found that their infestation returns seemingly overnight. That's because bed bugs hide their eggs in the nooks and crannies. Stop wasting your money on ineffective bed bug extermination. Turn to Act Fast Termite & Pest Control first for a proven bed bug treatment.

Heat treatments are among our most popular bed bug solutions because they kill all life stages of the pest. Contact Act Fast Termite & Pest Control in Brick, NJ today to learn more.

Do heat treatments really work?

A heat treatment is one of the most effective bed bug solutions available on the market. When you want to eliminate your infestation for good, rely on Act Fast Termite & Pest Control. Here's how our heat treatment process works:

Step one: Using special bed bug extermination equipment, we'll heat your house to over 100 degrees.
Step two: We'll maintain the temperature for four to six hours, depending on the extent of your bed bug infestation.
Step three: We can apply an additional bed bug treatment, such as biopesticide, at your discretion.

In just one day, your house will be free of bed bugs. Call 732-814-5576 today to make a bed bug removal appointment in Brick, NJ.