Commercial Pest Control in Monmouth & Ocean Counties

OfficeThose living in Ocean, Monmouth, and Atlantic counties have to deal with a variety of local pests. Luckily, Act Fast Termite & Pest Control is always available to deal with any pest problems you may have. Our specialties include termites, ants, rodents, wildlife, and a number of other harmful insects and animals.


The most problematic termite species in New Jersey is the eastern subterranean termite. These termites live under the soil and sustain themselves by feeding on cellulose found in wood. If a termite colony targets your home, the workers can cause critical damage to its wooden components.


Ant species such as the red imported fire ant are aggressive toward humans and will swarm on anyone unlucky enough to disturb their mounds. Their bites can be extremely painful and even dangerous to people who are allergic to their venom. Other ants cause health problems by contaminating household food with bacteria and droppings.

Rodents and Wildlife

Rodents such as rats and mice tend to wander into homes and other structures in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, rodent fur is often coated in bacteria and viruses that they collect while crawling on the ground. These contaminants can then be spread to surfaces and food sources in the infested home. Other animals have the potential to spread rabies and other diseases while raiding outdoor gardens and trash cans. The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services recorded 146 cases of raccoon rabies in 2012 as well as 56 cases of skunk rabies.

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